Ventagli Camurati was founded in 1935, with the name of F.lli Camurati, in an old courtyard of Milan.

Its founder, Enrico Camurati, began his activity producing hand-made items (key rings, cigarette mouthpieces and others) and jewelry (pendants, necklaces). The materials are various, traditional and precious such as ivory and bone but also more innovative (at least for the time), such as resin and plexiglas.


During the Second World War the company was forced to stop its activity and, always in this period, the building that houses the factory is destroyed.

The company will reopen only after the Second World War.

We are in 1948 and the reopening brings along great news: the catalogue is expanded and the original production is flanked by the production, entirely handmade, of fans.

Thanks to this turning point, the maison lays the foundations for what today is the one and only artisan company in Italy to produce fans.

The success is so great that during the Fifties the owner decides to devote his efforts only to the creation of this extraordinary accessory, expanding the collection (initially very limited) and extending sales even abroad.

The company thus begins to produce fans in several sizes and in an increasingly wide range of possible combinations of fabrics, colors and patterns.

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